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Description of ImperiHome (from google play)

ImperiHome, your Smart Home in the heart of Smart City

► Control all the brands of your connected devices or home automation boxes from a single application :

Connected speakers: Sonos, Yamaha, Bose...
Connected lamps: Philips Hue, Wiz, YeeLight, Lifx
Connected cameras: IP camera all brands JPEG, MPEG, Netatmo, Nest...
Home automation systems: GCE Electronics, Vera, Wink, Jeedom, Eedomus, Fibaro, Zipato, homee, Nero, Xiaomi, Fibaro, Z-Way...
Multimedia: Harmony, Kodi, Spotify....
Thermostat: Netatmo, Qivivivo
Health: Fitbit, Nokia/Withings, Jawbone
Connected alarms: Somfy Protect, Myfox

Via ISS port: Domoticz, HomeSeer, ......
Tasker plugin available (Premium version)

Find all the brands available within the application

► Access the Open Data data of your city or state, the Smart City!

Pollution, what is the air quality in my city? Air Now (USA), Air Parif (Paris), EEA (Europe), Prev'Air (France)...
Weather, what are the forecasts? OpenWeatherMap
Energy, what is my electricity consumption? Linky meter with Enedis (France)
Mobility, is there a bike available downstairs? Velib (Paris), Citibike (NY), Velo V (Lyon),.....

Find all the services available within the application

► Customize the interface of your Smart Phone or tablets with unique features

- creation of widgets, combo, customizable
- voice recognition
- actions when reading NFC tags
- integrated and generic graphics module
- triggering calls to predefined numbers
- integration of url links, web pages....
- integration of scenarios from your home automation box
- configurable dashboards with intelligent widgets (limited in the free version)
- Android shortcuts
- automatic detection of the network used (local or remote)
- import/export of configurations locally or on our servers (only in pro version)
- Automatic standby output using motion detection with the front camera (depending on the type of device).
- REST control API (only in pro version)
- Android Wear support (voice commands and camera viewing)

► Local Application, privacy of your data and technical support

ImperiHome is a native application that does not store your data in remote servers. The data of your connected objects remains in the application.
The Premium version provides access to technical support from Smart Home specialists.

► A free version and the Premium version

Once your account is created, the free version gives you access to the basic functions and allows you to integrate your first objects. The Premium version is available as a package or as a subscription without a duration commitment, all for limited prices.

Your account gives access to Android & iOS.

► Application languages

iOS device: English & French
Android device: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian

Version history ImperiHome
New in ImperiHome 4.3.17
Bugs Fixes
New in ImperiHome 4.3.11
New Connector: Heatzy Pilote
homee : new devices integration
Bugs Fixe
New in ImperiHome 4.3.9
*Remove widget plus sign with transparent theme
*Update ISS devices
*New settings : desactiviate update popup
*Philipps Hue : bug fix.
*Tasker plugin : dimmer command.
*Weather connector : display GPS coordinate if several cities with same name.
*Bugs Fixes
New in ImperiHome 4.3.7
Bugs fix: connectors modification of Kodi, Yamaha, Musaic et Sonos
New in ImperiHome 4.3.5
Update Vera minimum thermostat value
Bugs fix
New in ImperiHome 4.3.4
Withings : new API + new name (Brand modification)
New Connector: Smart Lock Nuki
Bug fixes : Launch scene with Tasker with new Android version
New commands: Tasker app
Bug fixes : Premium status with Stripe in old android versions (4.2, 4.3)
New Widget composite : Pulse globale
Update: Interface and design of the application
Bugs Fixes
New in ImperiHome 4.3.2
*Phillips Hue: new option to enter local IP address during configuration
*New 6 x 6 Dashboard available
*Bugs Fixes
New in ImperiHome 4.3.1
Environexus native connector
Bugs fixed
New in ImperiHome 4.2.9
Debugging Sonos
New in ImperiHome 4.2.6
*New Sonos API
*Fixed management of roller shutters in Jeedom
*Bugs fix
New in ImperiHome 4.2.5
Integration of the GCE ECO RT2 connector
OpenWeatherMap connector integration
Roller shutter control correction on Jeedom
New authentication system for Nokia Health / Withings
Correct widget about Philips HUE light
New in ImperiHome 4.2.4
homee : update to maintain a continuous connection with the homee hub
New in ImperiHome 4.2.2
*Integration of the Jeedom smart home hub (V1)
*Bugs fix
New in ImperiHome 4.2.0
*New objects integration in homee
*Alarms integration in the second Zipato version
*New temperature sensor integration in Xiaomi
*Roller shutter management with RFPlayer in eedomus
*Bugs fix
New in ImperiHome 4.1.9
*Integration of Bose Soundtouch speakers
*Integration of the homee smart home hub
*Integration of the API Spotify
*Fix drag and drop function on composite dimmer widget (edit mode)
*Fixed custom image copy in cloned pages
*Bugs fix
New in ImperiHome 4.1.7
Updated Qivivo thermostats connector
Additional commands of voice recognition
Adding the Zigate module to the Eedomus connector
Bugs fix
New in ImperiHome 4.1.6
Integration of Zigate into Eedomus
New in ImperiHome 4.1.2
Implementing the Wink GOControl connector to control your garage door
Bug fix
New in ImperiHome 4.1.1
*Bug fix following API modification by Nokia Health
*New SmartCity connector : Tomorrow– Climate Change (CO² intensity per country, % renewable energy produced by country)
*Bugs fix
New in ImperiHome 4.1.0
Integration of the latest Zipato API V2Improvement of the Xiaomi connectorCode ID ManagementBug Fix
New in ImperiHome 4.0.10
*We just integrate Xiaomi (Beta)*Your ImperiHome subscription account is now usable on your Android and / or iOS media*Bug fix
New in ImperiHome 4.0.8
New feature to Import/Export your ConfigVelib updateEedomus UpdateDebugs
New in ImperiHome 4.0.6
*Netatmo: add smart radiator valves*Added some new Smart City services*Bug Fixes
New in ImperiHome 4.0.5
*New Smart City services added!*New Icons added*Bug Fixes
New in ImperiHome 4.0.4
*New: Smart City services!*Hue: support of Motion sensor*Account creation*Monthly subscription to get Premium*Bug Fixes
New in ImperiHome 3.0.11
*ImperiHome in Spanish!*Bug Fixes
New in ImperiHome 3.0.10
*Bug Fixes
New in ImperiHome 3.0.9
*ImperiHome in Italian !*Bug Fixes
New in ImperiHome 3.0.5
*Netatmo: add support of the camera Presence*Netatmo: US systems units (F/inch) support*Parrot Flower Power: display historical datas*IPX800V4: shutters support*Follow us! add ImperiHome Social Medias links
New in ImperiHome 3.0.4
*NEST : support of NEST Cam Outdoor*WINK hub : lock/unclock of Schlage Connect*eeDomus hub : support of the RFPLayer 433/868Mhz gateway* Bug fixes :- Config export with Android 8- NEST thermostat heat-cold mode
New in ImperiHome 3.0.2
*Added Fingerprint authentication*Logitech Harmony : integration bug fix with Android 7*TellStick : bug fix to diplay sensors values
New in ImperiHome 3.0.1
- Fixed text size issues
New in ImperiHome 3.0.0
- New look&feel and icons sets- Support for Wink smart-home hub- Support for Yeelight light bulbs- Control API : Endpoint to play alert sounds and sound files- Vera : Shows modules battery level- Dashboard : added external link and pulse widget- Camera : ability to save camera snapshots to gallery- Tellstick : fixed dim level handling- LIFX : fixed commands- Fibaro HC : Fixed new motion sensor
New in ImperiHome 2.9.1
- Support for Nest connected objects- Support for Z-Way based smart home hubs (POPP, Razberry, Western Digital...)- Support for Telldus' TellStick Net/ZNet- API : added /sleep endpoint and fixed the /wakeup endpoint- Hue : Fixed Ambiance bulb handling (as standard Dimmer)- Zipabox : Fixed Aeotec Smart Switch 6 handling- IPX800v4 : Better handling of analog input types- HC2 : Support for the new WallPlug- Various bugfixes
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